publication ethics and malpractice

Publication ethics and malpractice statement

The scientific journal Marketing Science and Inspirations is positioning itself to publish original contributions with high impact in field of marketing and marketing management in the science and the practical point of view. MSI journal strictly adheres to the publishing standards of the publication COPE Code of Conduct, authorized COP (Committee on Publication Ethics) and the European Charter for Researchers and it´s Code of conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

Marketing Science and Inspirations disseminates the newest experience in both: marketing theory and the marketing practice amongst its readers. The key intention of the scientific journal Marketing Science and Inspirations is to become the reference point for the marketing community and with respect to this notion the articles submitted to this journal are subjected to ethical and malpractice procedure. In order to ensure standards of expected ethical behaviour, the ethical and malpractice statement concerns all important stakeholders: the author, the journal editor-in-chief, the peer reviewer and the publisher. To maintaining the highest ethical standards Marketing Science and Inspirations is guided by the following principles:

The editor-in-chief of Marketing Science and Inspirations is the principle person responsible for selection process concerning the submitted articles. The editor-in-chief is the first line person in the evaluating of the submitted papers. The editor-in-chief is limited only to the degree of intellectual content and can stop the material that is not in accordance with the legal requirements regarding libel, plagiarism and copyright upset. The confidentiality of the submitted articles until they are published is ensured, except in the case of suspicion of the double submission. In case the article is stopped to publish, material should not be used for other purposes without the permission of the author.

The reviewers of the Marketing Science and Inspirations scientific journal are from external academic peers. They play the role of the second line persons in the evaluation process of double blind review. The external reviewers assist to the editor-in-chief in taking the final decision of publishing a submitted article. The external reviewers contribute to the decision-making process and assist in improving the quality of published articles. They are bound to handle with material for peer reviewing in confidential mode and must not use the knowledge obtained in this service for personal advantage. The external reviewers have to be aware of any potential conflicts of interest between the reviewer and author or institution connected to the submitted article. The external reviewers have to alert the editor-in-chief to any published or submitted content that is substantially similar to that under review.

The authors are responsible for the originality of submitted work. When other sources of information are used, they should be appropriately cited. Each table, graph or picture should be provided by the authorship event if it is own work of authors. Possible attempt of incorrect citation or plagiarism should be punished by the rejection of the submitted article. Each submitted article must be original and should not be submitted in more than one journal. Publishing the same material in more than one journal is recognized as unethical publishing behaviour. Authors therefore by submitting the article in scientific journal Marketing Science and Inspirations confirm that the manuscript as submitted is not under consideration or accepted for publication elsewhere. Authors will send filled Declaration originality_en_1 together with the manuscript. If a significant error in the manuscript is identified authors will notify promptly the journal editor-in-chief.

Comenius University in Bratislava and its Faculty of Management as the publisher on behalf of which is the scientific journal Marketing Science and Inspirations published shall ensure that good practice is maintained to the highest standards outlined above.


Marketing Science and Inspirations publication and peer-review procedures

Scientific journal Marketing Science and Inspirations in ensuring the ethical standards applies procedures broadly implemented by recognized international scientific bodies in form of double-blind peer review. This procedure ensures to preserve publication standards in ethics and content expertise. The editorial board of Marketing Science and Inspirations is responsible whether to submit or reject the manuscript for publishing. Their decision is based on the results of double-blind peer review supported by reviewers from external academic peers.

Process of pre-review evaluation:

New coming submission manuscript is checked for completeness and integrity of the all formal criteria required by the document Contribution_structure_ENG. It is relegated to the editor-in-chief who assesses the possibility of manuscript as the topic and as the content. The preliminary decision is conducted and if it is positive, the article is forwarded to the anonymous review to the two independent external reviewers. The editor-in-chief can reject the article before review in case of: uncertain originality, lack of methodological and theoretical background, poor reasoning of results and lack of scientific conclusions, unethical usage of applied resources or low level of grammar (English, Slovak, Czech). The secretary general on behalf editor-in-chief informs the author concerning their article preliminary submission.

Review procedure:

Each submitted manuscript is passed to two reviewers from external academic peers with adequate professional background. The scientific journal Marketing Science and Inspirations use double-blind peer review methodology.

The whole review procedure is recognized as the constant learning process. Because the fields of marketing and marketing management are strongly affected by new technologies and tendencies in the business environment, each reviewer can recommend a new expert/reviewer for the specific topic in order to secure objective assessment of submitted manuscript.

The review report is written to the ready to read form and is in line with the COPE ethical guidelines for peer reviewers.

The Review Report_ENG leads the reviewers to evaluate the manuscript mainly in its:

– degree of originality,

– degree of scientific approaches,

– adequacy of presented methodology,

– coverage of actual literature resources,

– potential for citation of presented findings,

– consistence of formal writing style.

To all reviewers is guaranteed anonymity and the comments given to the authors improves the quality and reputation of the journal as a whole. The review procedure takes time required for competent assessment of the manuscript and it takes about 40 days, according to the topic and the complexity of issue. If result of reviewers differs significantly, other reviewer is asked for the assistance. When the comments and recommendations of reviewers are positive they stated in the review report recommendation to “publish in the received form”. If any recommendations appears, reviewers usually recommends in the review report “publish after adjustments specified in the report“. Reasons for rejecting the manuscript are in the review report described explicitly.

Process of post-review recommendation:

After the double-blind peer review successful articles are prepared for final confirmation to the editor-in-chief who will decide together with the editorial board of scientific journal Marketing Science and Inspirations whether the article will be published or not and into the which issue will be incorporated. Finally, the author is informed about the recommendation to publish.